Sunday, January 07, 2007

tax screaming

I've spent a good deal of time the last 2 days working on taxes.

First we organize all the little pieces of paper into piles of what they are: medical, business, contributions, sales tax, income

Then its on to the spread sheets -- I should note here that effective Jan 1, 2007, I am converting all my business stuff into QuickBooks, so there will be less of this next time, but there will still be medical

And then there is the reviewing to be sure I didn't duplicate anything

and the downloading of forms from the site where I can take just the pieces I need (including from the instructions) but even so, I have a hefty stack of paper to wade through

I may run screaming from the room!!! (how did I do this at work for all those years without being certifiable --- oh, yeah, now my secret is out!!)


Nancy said...

I suppose TaxCut and TurboTax don't have versions for small business owners, do they? I don't envy you; doing our taxes is bad enough, even with said software!

Bev said...

well, actually there is software out there, but it only actually helps if all of your records are already in some kind of software to begin with...

it also comes to that "I never met a control issue I didn't like" thing, and this way I know every single thing that goes in