Wednesday, March 07, 2012

wherein we wonder why people come to work sick (and other imponderables)

on Monday morning we headed off to our doctor's office so the DH could have some blood work done

we arrived about half an hour after the office opened and there was someone in getting blood work done, and another lady (elderly, on oxygen) waiting to have blood work

we waited

about 15 minutes later the DH was called in

I waited

and waited

finally he came out -- she had not been able to do the draw -- couldn't find a vein and wanted him to go to the Urgent Care to have the work done

except then his hand was a mess -- sore and bruised from the fishing around with a needle looking for a vein

and the person doing the blood drawing was clearly sick -- sounded terrible

so tell me, why would someone who is going to be where people with compromised immune systems are going to be come to work when they are sick

I was pretty annoyed about it at them time -- both because of the whole exposing people to your germs issue, but because she made a mess of the back of the DH's hand (and because we now have to figure out where he actually can have the blood draw done that the insurance company will pay for it)

and this morning even more annoyed because I feel like I'm coming down with a cold