Sunday, February 18, 2007


on Sunday mornings if I wake up early enough I listen to Mass from Notre Dame. This morning in the half hour before that, I listened to a very interesting program.

The encouraging part of the whole half hour was this: depression is a medical issue: it does not mean you don't have enough faith or that you are stupid or that you are morally weak or that you can "snap out of it" by force of will (that is like saying you can "snap out of" having high blood pressure)

Somehow there was some real comfort in that.....

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


a while back I was invited to complete an application for a writing course, and since filling it in didn't cost me anything but a bit of brain exercise (a good thing!) I did it.....

now I'm almost wishing I hadn't because I got a letter yesterday inviting me to sign up because they liked what they saw....

trouble is, there is no way that I can afford to do this even on their tuition time payment arrangement.....

guess this shall be logged under the "better to have loved and lost" catagory.....{sigh}

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

8 weeks after the storm.....

(after the first of the 6 storms, actually) we FINALLY see some effort by the city to clear our street.

Notice this is a road grader....or perhaps a road "grater" since they took so long to get to us that there were long sections where the folks on the block had already dug the stuff out.

So this is the little pile they made and then cleared away.

Because it took them so long and the storm drain was blocked by ice, the ice and the chemicals everyone had used on their sidewalks just sat on the concrete for the better part of the last 8 weeks. I noticed this morning that there a several large patches on the sidewalk and the driveway where the concrete is now flaking away because of the chemicals and the freeze/thaw cycle.

Oh yes, and this morning its snowing again.....{sigh!}

Saturday, February 10, 2007

...on being afraid.....

Marty (click here to see) was writing the other day about the things she is afraid of, which set me to thinking about it too......

So I have decided to write some of those thoughts down.....

1. Heights --- don't ask me to go to the edge of anything above the ground (maybe it has something to do with being afraid of falling too)

2. That my body will outlive my mind --- I hate the idea of being a babbling diapered burden

3. That something will happen and I'll end up a bag lady on the street, living out of a shopping cart

I've been thinking about trying to put a lot of the hidden fears and thoughts into a character for a story, but I'm wondering how I can do that and not set off a storm of trouble with (or for) the people around me.....I begin to understand why some writers feel the need for a pen name.

Friday, February 09, 2007


I like driving down a residental street in a strange town in the dark.

I look at the lights in the windows and wonder about the people who live there. Are they happy? Are they loved (and do they know it)? Are they lonely? What do they dream about....laugh about....fight about?

I've realized lately that I grew up in a sort of bubble. When people my age talk about things that were part of their commonly shared experience, I have no idea what they are talking about. I get to just nod and smile and silently feel like the stupidest person on earth.

Its not that I don't remember things....I remember plenty, way back to when I was only 2. Some of those really early memories are just pictures in my head, but I do remember.

So, here are just some of those things I mean that people talk about:

1. going to the movies with friends
2. playing on the playground of the school other than at recess
3. going to summer camp
4. going to a dance
5. reading from a required reading list
6. take a lunch from home to school
7. picking on someone on the playground (I was the someone they picked on)
8. learn to dance
9. participate in some kind of sports
10. take music lessons

When my daughter was growing up, I did everything I could to make sure she didn't miss out on any of the things the other kids got to do (safely and within reason, that is) a way, I got to experience a lot of things for the first time as an observer to her life.

I'm sure I made my own mistakes along the way with that, but at least I tried. I've joked that being the mother of an attractive daughter is an interesting're mostly invisible.....its a role I'm well suited to

Self discovery at my age is painful. This sort of self guided mental health therapy is interesting to say the least. I've discovered that I'm good at teaching (or being in charge of something) and I'm okay with being the "worker bee" behind the scenes, but I have no idea how to do the social thing in between.

So now I'm trying to deal with my own "night terrors" of a sort.....the DH wants to go and do square dancing. He says it will be good exercise. He says it will be a way to meet new people. He says it will be fun.

I'm making him set it up, I'm having enough issues trying not to run screaming....I'm sure I will be a total klutz...I have no idea how to dress...and what do I say to these smiling, dancing people who have some common connection. Never mind, I'm sure they won't talk to me anyway except to correct my errors.

Monday, February 05, 2007

pondering and reflecting........

I've been cleaning out old files the last couple of weeks, its something I just tend to do in the "dark days of winter" in January as I do taxes. Probably this is something left over from spending 30 years in corporate accounting offices.

Yesterday, as I was cleaning out one file and putting documents through the shredder, I ran across a letter dated February 4, 2001, that the last corporate boss I had wrote commending the work I had done to get the department through a rather ugly year end.

At the time I'm sure I just was thinking about getting the work done, and it feels rather odd six years later (on the same date no less!) to reflect and remember. As I handed the letter to DH to read, my comment was "someone used to value what I did".

Sort of bitter sweet in terms of the fact that I think I've been "phased out" of the accounting work that I'd been doing for a local company. Of course for them its all about economics....they have a "friend" that will do it cheaper than what I charge....hmmmm, I wonder if the "you get what you pay for" logic will apply here....ah well.

It just seems to be human nature to look back and regret....hence the ever present list of online questions always seems to include "if you could change one thing in your life what would it be"......a hard question to answer for those that believe that every choice made impacts every other choice given.

Whittier was right when he said: "the saddest words of tongue or pen, are these four words, what might have been"

Meantime, the Denver paper yesterday put out its annual "Call for Entries" to write a for a column that appears weekly in the Sunday opinion section. They want 2 sample columns of 600 to 700 words and a cover letter. I sent in essays last year and was turned down, so now I'm pondering on doing it again. (If I'm collecting rejection slips, at least I'm sending stuff in!!) What I need, tho', is a couple of ideas to write about that I can get excited about. Deadline is Tuesday, Feb 20, so I have a little time, but not a lot.

So, anybody got any ideas?