Wednesday, September 15, 2010

*#$@)$&#* Insurance Companies

maybe I should just rename this blog "Rants About Insurance"

about a month ago our doctor put the DH on a new diabetes medicine

it worked great -- it is an injection he gives himself once a day, but unlike insulin, it doesn't have to be kept cold, so it doesn't cause an issue when we visit with our daughter -- and it really helped bring down his sugar levels

so, since the sample worked so well, she wrote the prescription

we took it to the pharmacy

the pharmacy informed us that the insurance company would not pay for it without "pre-authorization"

so the doctor's office did their thing and sent in the form to get it authorized

yesterday I get the "robo call" from the insurance company that the authorization has been denied

they have some other medication that they want him to use instead

like the pencil pushers in the office know anything about medicine or his condition or anything else except probably the maker of the other medication gives them a bigger kick back

to say I am not pleased would be a vast understatement!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Up Side Down Side

I entered a number of things in the State Fair this year

it's an up side down side sort of proposition

the up side is that I won many blue ribbons, some red ribbons, some white ribbons and the accompanying monetary reward

good things all
but there are "puzzlements" too

this piece for example

this piece is titled "Diva"

last year it was a finalist in a national competition by Fire Mountain Gems

3rd place in the state fair


it confirms my feeling that the category it had to be entered in is WAY too broad and if you're not doing what the judge is interested in you have less chance to take first

still, I'll accept it

this, on the other hand, I really don't understand

mostly because I have no point of reference

this was the piece I worked on for months to carry out the whole "wild about flowers" theme

lots of techniques, embellishments, hours fussing with getting the whole "framed picture" look

didn't make the cut (even though the judging sheet had good ratings)

I don't regret making it -- I learned a lot, I really like the piece

and I may consider entering it in another competition if the right opportunity presents itself

meantime, no one even got to see it except the small group of judges and whoever was there that day

and I'm wondering why the things that won the prizes did so -- I'm mostly convinced that it's just too far out of the box -- the winners were all quilts in the traditional "bed cover" mode

and I think I probably won't do anything for the "special competition" next year

these two pieces have me really excited

not only did they win ribbons this year, but when I had to opportunity to show them to the assistant curator of the Fine Arts part of the state fair, she encouraged me to enter in that area next year

so, now I just need to make time to get back to this series and get some really good work done