Wednesday, September 15, 2010

*#$@)$&#* Insurance Companies

maybe I should just rename this blog "Rants About Insurance"

about a month ago our doctor put the DH on a new diabetes medicine

it worked great -- it is an injection he gives himself once a day, but unlike insulin, it doesn't have to be kept cold, so it doesn't cause an issue when we visit with our daughter -- and it really helped bring down his sugar levels

so, since the sample worked so well, she wrote the prescription

we took it to the pharmacy

the pharmacy informed us that the insurance company would not pay for it without "pre-authorization"

so the doctor's office did their thing and sent in the form to get it authorized

yesterday I get the "robo call" from the insurance company that the authorization has been denied

they have some other medication that they want him to use instead

like the pencil pushers in the office know anything about medicine or his condition or anything else except probably the maker of the other medication gives them a bigger kick back

to say I am not pleased would be a vast understatement!

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Kay Dennison said...

I have been lucky -- so far. I hope you manage to get it solved.