Saturday, August 14, 2010

I must have done something good

life moves in interesting ways

a couple of years ago our doctor had a fire in her office -- for about a year every time we saw her we joked about Dr. R's traveling medical show -- while she wound her way through insurance adjusters and rebuilding her office

when I found out what colors her new reception area was going to be I created this wall hanging specifically to go there

when I went to see her in July, I took a picture of the piece and told her that as soon as it comes home from the State Fair, it will be coming to her

she seemed really pleased

yesterday the DH had an appointment with her

while we were there we told her that we thought something in her bookkeeper's office must have been missed because I hadn't yet received a billing for my office visit

she thanked us for thinking of her welfare and said that we should count it as "Divine Intervention"

it feels like being paid twice -- doing the piece was a pleasure, and I got to experiment with a lot of techniques, and not getting that bill in the mail?