Thursday, September 20, 2012

Taking stock

A couple of years ago I joined the Studio Art Quilt Associates.  I had reached the point that I felt the need to be part of an artist group that would help me grow as an artist.

At the time I joined, I was intrigued by a "perk" that was available to members.

Called the Visioning Project, it encouraged the participants to set a reasonable, attainable (within a year) goal and created a support group to help you get there.

So why hadn't I done this?

uh, because it was all done online through a WIKI on the website, and I could never figure out the WIKI sufficiently to feel I could completely participate

Recently, they have heard the cries of those of us who feel WIKI intimidated and the new home of the project is a private blog and a private yahoo mail group.

I took it as a sign

I signed up and I'm starting to work on new goals for my work

And I'm trying to figure out a way to raise the funds to go to the conference next spring --- it's not in Denver, where the one was last year that made it really easy to get to -- but it is in Santa Fe, and by the time it takes place, I should have received my first Social Security check and I'll be able to afford the travel -- but first I need to get registered while there are still slots available

hmm, it's a problem to work on