Saturday, January 07, 2012

searching for this year's direction

today's ruminate is a Jacob Sheep -- an ancient (yeah, THAT Jacob, as in Biblical) breed that has two sets of amazing horns and a really great fleece that has several colors in it

he's been chosen for this year's series of "ruminations" just because I recently spent some time carding some of this fleece so I can do some spinning (to be followed with some knitting -- and felting)

but back to the point

on one of my email lists, there has been a great deal of discussion the past week on the choosing of a word for the year -- the point being to have a focus and direction for one's artistic pursuits for the year -- it's kind of like making New Year's resolutions

it has been interesting reading

and at this point, I have no idea what sort of word I would choose

I am thinking about direction, however

a year ago I was thinking about trying to find a way to have the opportunity to do a solo show of my work somewhere

little did I realize that a year later I would have had my work on display in two different branch libraries within less than a year of expressing that idea

which leaves me in the "searching for an achievable goal" mode right now

who knew what actually achieving your goal would set up

I need to think about this a while longer