Friday, December 11, 2009

Snow Village

these were my grandmother's

I remember them from when I was a child, she used to set them up on a piece of cotton batting on top of the piano

last year at Christmas my mother gave them to me

and since the piano that used to live at our house has gone to it's rightful owner, I had to figure out a different place to put them

the DH built a sort of "shelf" that fits over the top of the loom out of some scrap lumber that we had in the workshop

then, because we decided against waiting to do a real "finish" job on the shelf (it's hard to paint and stain things when the temperature is below freezing!), I needed to figure out what I could cover the whole top with

this tablecloth is an antique -- a linen center with delicate hand crocheted lace corners -- made by some one's grandma, if not mine

because it's not used real often, I had to set up the iron and break out the spray starch, which was just another trip down memory lane to Mammy's house, ironing shirts -- not with spray starch -- no we did it the old way -- but the smell is just the same

so now I'm thinking about getting a 10 light strand of battery powered LED lights to put in the backs of the little houses (they're designed for that)

very cool!

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Kay Dennison said...

Beautiful!!!!! I love it!!!

ANDDDDDDDD where ya been? I've missed ya!!!