Friday, November 20, 2009

and doesn't this just figure

I got a phone call yesterday --- from the anesthesiologist's office for the two surgeries this summer (oh yeah, I didn't even recognize the name as I have seen nothing from them yet as a bill --- six months later!!)

anyway, they wanted to know if my doctor (the primary care one) had completed the form from the insurance company about preexisting conditions

yes folks, after all this, the soon to be ex-insurance company had started looking for a way not to have to pay anything at all (and ask me to reimburse for what little they had paid) for the two surgical procedures I had this summer

excuse me?

when I sent the form to my primary care doctor her office was concerned that the insurance was looking for a way not to pay her for my office visit where we talked about blood pressure and cholesterol medication

but no, they are trying to say that I knew about the other problem before I got their insurance

nope, sorry -- if there is any preexisting condition involved here it is merely that I was born female

that phone call did remind me of one other thing though --- no doubt there will be still more bills (that I don't even know about yet) to add to the $4000 total that we're trying to find a way to pay


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Kay Dennison said...

Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrggggggghhh!!!!!!!! I am not surprised!!!