Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Non-Resolutions

first just one more note about Christmas decorations

one of the things my mother gave me for Christmas is another building in the style of the little buildings that were her mother's

so the village grows

the only thing it doesn't have is the hole in the back to put the light bulb inside (I'm thinking I may be able to fix that)

it looks pretty good in there with the other buildings

so, it's New Year's Eve

I don't really do resolutions -- I know I don't do well keeping them -- changing is a process, not an event

I am reflecting, however, on where I am, how things are, what I hope for

it has been an "eventful" year -- recovery from the surgery is pretty much complete, so far the many doctors, labs and the hospital have agreed to let me pay amounts we can manage at least for now, and I'm grateful for that

for the first time in a long time the Christmas season was actually fun for me this year -- the result (I think) of having worked on presents from January so there was no big stress to come up with ideas and money all in one short month -- I think that is an idea that will continue

we have decided to put our house on the market in late spring (that is the time period when houses sell best in this area), so the next few months will include painting and repairing and packing and some of the accompanying stress that goes with any plan to move

we have lived in this house for the longest time I've lived in one place for my entire adult life, having moved in in January 2002 -- 8 years is a long time to acquire junk by my scale

but we do feel strongly about moving to the end of the state where our daughter and son-in-law are so we can continue to be a part of their lives -- it will also be a shorter distance to visit with my parents, who are "aging in place", but their needs will increase

and I sense within myself a subtle shift -- for years I have said that I wanted to be the best at something and have everyone know it -- but over the last six months or so that internal push has shifted -- I still want to do things the best way I can manage -- but the "have everyone know it" part has mellowed

whether that is because over the past year there has actually been "success" in terms of being recognized by achieving awards both at the State Fair and in a national competition, or for some other reason, I am much more at peace with doing what I do artistically for the pleasure of the journey

we will ring in the new year quietly -- a special dinner (as I write this the smell of yeast bread rising is drifting through the house), watch a movie

I look forward to the new year, to new possibilities, to facing and conquering challenges I don't even know about yet

I pray for peace -- within and without -- and wish it for all of you as well

Happy New Year!


Alison said...

Beautiful. Thank you. Best wishes with the move, and a Happy New Year.

--AlisonH at

Kay Dennison said...

Sounds like you had a pretty good year on some levels and no so good but the peace thing is something I do envy.

Here's to a happy, prosperous and healthy New Year to you and yours!!!