Sunday, May 08, 2011

back to ruminating

with sheep

in the past couple of weeks I've been posting things in my new Etsy shop in an attempt to sell some of my creations

most of what I've posted has been my jewelry, and as a result of some "fiddlin' around", I've been invited to join a juryed team on Etsy -- all entirely new territory

there is a certain amount of panic involved in this

partly because it means I've spent a lot more time doing computer work and I'm concerned about actually getting any creative work done

its all about balance -- and its long been known that I'm "a bubble off plumb" (heh, right!)

also because I'm worried about balancing the bead work with the art quilts -- both of which are extremely satisfying to work on, give me an opportunity to create art, and take up lots of time

I'm trying to hang on to a quote that was on a book mark my daughter gave me a while back --

"Its never to late be be what you might have been"

I'm tying a knot here to hang on to ----

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Kay Dennison said...

I like your daughter's quote a lot. Sounds like you're a busy gal!!!! I hope all your excellent efforts bear fruit!!!!!