Tuesday, May 03, 2011


this could have been titled "Ruminating V", since (as my daughter recently pointed out to me) sheep are ruminates too

but "baaaaaaa" seems to be a more appropriate title for this post

WARNING: this post contains whining!! if you are faint of heart, turn away now!

I spent this morning writing all the bills (except the utilities, for which the bill has not yet arrived) for the month

and after doing all the calculations I figure we have about $150 in our account to cover gas, groceries, dog food, RX and whatever else we need to have between now and May 25 -- 22 days hence when we get paid again

I had been carefully saving up little bits of cash for months so I would have a bit of money to use when I attend the SAQA conference up in Denver -- good thing I did because that will probably buy groceries for the rest of the month -- but I'm totally pissed that it will have to go there

and why are we here again?

one $400 car repair and my total inability to sell any of my work anywhere

(and that doesn't even include the fact that our dishwasher has died too, and since that would be probably another $300 plus to replace, I'm back 30 years ago, hand washing the dishes)

sometimes I wonder why I even keep making stuff, but since its that or just sit in front of the TV and turn into a turnip, I think its preferable -- maybe

sure wish I could figure this out

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