Wednesday, April 14, 2010

waiting for the other shoe - er, fence - to drop

why is it that just when I'm thinking "yes, I can handle what's happening" life throws me another little reminder that I have absolutely no control over anything

I've been moving along, trying to keep the finances in order so that I could come up with small amounts to do painting, etc., so we can put the house on the market

feeling pleased that I was whittling away at the medical bills

yeah, right

this month I blew that up by needing to have a tooth pulled -- a $240 expense that was totally unplanned and also totally ate up the little amounts I'd been setting aside for six months

and the day before yesterday I got the final determination on yet another lab bill from last summer's surgery -- right, the whole bill -- another $492 -- is entirely my responsibility

nothing like feeling like you're going backwards

so yesterday afternoon I was going to let the dog out into the yard and looked out to see this

yup, the wind had knocked down two sections of the fence -- actually broke off the post in the center of that section right at the ground

lovely, this wasn't even a section of the fence that we were planning on working on -- it had looked fine until yesterday

so great

strike any ideas of getting anything done INSIDE the house -- we're going to have to do something about the fence

I'm trying to figure out who to call about the possibility of putting in a claim on our homeowner's insurance -- except I can't even remember who that is since it's paid by the mortgage company, I never even see a bill --

and knowing we have a $1000 deduct able, but it might get us enough to buy materials

but what will it do to our premiums -- and so our house payment -- afterwards

oh, yes, and there's still that other section of fence, the one with multiple patches, that we're watching


some days I'd really like to not be an adult any more

or to just run away from home

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Alison said...

Watch out--in California, if you put a claim on your homeowners, they often retaliate by canceling your insurance as a bad risk, and then your mortgage gets yanked by the bank. It's a scam, and the regulators ought to be coming down hard on them, and maybe it's just in this state. But ask your agent's advice first. (CA is always a worst-case scenario anyway.) Good luck!