Wednesday, April 21, 2010

home owners insurance isn't what it used to be

ok, you'd think that wouldn't be a big surprise

after all it is an insurance company and since I've had lots of experience with health insurance companies, why did I expect any thing different?

time was when you had a piece of a fence blow down they'd come out and take a look and say "yup, this fence needs to be replaced" and write an estimate for the entire job

but those days are gone

they took a look, estimated for only the portions that actually came down, took off the "depreciation" then took the deductible

the bottom line is that I told them to just withdraw the claim -- I don't want it on my insurance history when it isn't going to pay us anything


just one more thing to try to work into the budget


Kay Dennison said...

This is sooooooooooo very wrong, wrong, wrong! What are we paying for?

Bev said...

what we're paying for is those big bonuses their executives get

wish there was some way to not have to pay for things twice -- you know, once to the insurance company then again for the ACTUAL service

Alison said...

I once had my insurance try to charge me for something I'd only asked my agent whether it would be cost-effective for me to put in a claim. They had to ask the company, and the company tried to raise my rates based on the claim I did not submit. I protested, loudly, and they withdrew that.

But just so you know. Watch your bills carefully.