Wednesday, June 10, 2009

wherein we discuss why it's good to have your doctor's office on your side

Ok, so last week I went and had the procedure done --- the biopsy and all that, which included an outpatient surgery --- for which my pathetic little "health" insurance will pay 80% of the doctor, 25% of the anestheisiologist, but 0% of the hospital

Yesterday, I had my appointment with the doctor. The test results were wonderful --- there is no cancer, just the fibroids (one the size of a lemon) -- oh yes, and the continued (STILL!) unexplained bleeding.

While I was there she told me about a phone call her office got from the hospital billing folks wanting to know why she had scheduled the procedure when the insurance was not going to cover it. The doctor's office informed them in no uncertain terms that this was NOT an elective surgery.

WHAT? Like I did this FOR FUN!!??

So, I still have to have the hysterectomy (and at my age they'll just remove everything), which I will be doing mid-July.

Tomorrow I will be meeting with a fellow at the hospital that specializes in getting financial assistance for bills in cases like mine.

I'm not hopeful that I will qualify for anything, but I'm willing to try anything that might help.

Meantime, I'm trying not to have absolute panic attacks over just how big that hospital bill is going to be.

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Alison said...


I got sent copies of my bills from everybody over my hospitalizations earlier this year. The total was staggering. BUT. The insurance paid less than half of that and the hospital and hospital doctors accepted it. The hospital gave me a 20% discount on my part--$700 is no small change--for paying in full quickly.

I can't imagine insurance that doesn't pay for hospitals. It makes no sense. Sometimes a letter on official stationary from a good lawyer is all you need to straighten the insurance company up a bit.

--AlisonH at