Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

This handsome sailor is my dad

He is a veteran of World War II

He went into the Navy before he finished high school

When my daughter was in college, her major was History, with a specialty in the WWII era.

She kept a copy of this picture in a frame. A lot of her friends wanted to know if they could get introduced to the cute guy.

How cool is that?

A few years ago we took my folks with us to do an art show in Springfield, MO. My dad was sitting in our booth, wearing his WWII Vet baseball cap.

A couple of young men were walking down the street and stopped to talk with him, thanking him for his service.

I can't speak for my dad, but for me just to hear that exchange was an amazing experience.

Just an individual part of what Tom Brokaw calls The Greatest Generation


Kay Dennison said...

My daddy was a sailor in WWII, too. He was a gunner's mate on a destroyer escort in the Pacific theater and always to great pride in his service. I know he was grinning and watching over my daughter when she served in the Navy as an aviation tech. And no, they aren't WAVES anymore -- they are all sailors and boot camp is coed.

Kate joked that in boot she thought her first name was Drop as in "Drop and give me twenty." i.e., push ups. lol

It was an adventure that taught her a lot.

Bev said...

was your dad also a baker? My dad was along with being a gunner. One of the coolest things he has is the cook book (and the custom uniform with the dragon embroidered inside the fly!!)