Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Britian's Talent Wows Us Again

Let me begin by saying I do not watch American Idol

I do not like the whole "phoniness" of it, or the way the "judges" brutalize and publicly humiliate the contestants

I can't speak to how that's done on the whole on the "Britian's Got Talent" show, because the only clips of it I have ever watched are the ones where the singers are great (remember Paul Potts?)

Anyway, the latest "phenom" is a 47 year old unemployed single woman singing "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Misérables. If you haven't heard this clip yet, you can access it here.

Listen closely to her sing --- listen to the lyric

(see Simon get knocked out of his chair!)

I hope she wins it all!!


Kay Dennison said...

I saw it at Claude's!!! She'a fabulous. I haven't seen Simon that astounded since Paul Potts!!! Simply incredible!!! She has the voice of an angel!

Nancy G said...

See Simon. See Simon speechless. Sing, Susan, sing!

Bev said...

I heard another clip of her just off the cuff (acapella) singing Whistle Down the Wind --- she is the real deal!