Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Don't Scam Me!!

I just hate it when someone tries to scam me.

When I opened this morning's emails, I saw one with the following subject line: "Invitation to Chapeau Blog Awards"

The contents were all about this wonderful award they were giving and how I was urged to submit my blog for consideration, blah, blah, blah

Ok, so I went and looked at their site

Oh yeah, I can submit my site --- for $195 --- HUH!?

So, there ya go, seems that blogland awards are about the same as the jewelry design awards and the teddy bear awards -- it's the golden rule -- they that have the gold, rule

needless to say, all future correspondance from this group will be going right into the SPAM folder

geesh (and I'm feeling stupid because I actually thought this was for real)


Kay Dennison said...

Good thing you're smart, Bev!! Think of all the people who sent them money for nothing.

Barnum said, "There's a sucker everyminute -- and one to take him every other."

Chery said...

Our apologies for the intrusion, Bev. We knew that as this is our inaugural year, there would be some questions regarding the cost for entry to the Chapeau Blog Awards. However, these don’t derail us from our charter to recognize the best blogs in the world.

The entry fee simply covers costs to promote and award the winners, who receive the following:
- Recognition as one of the most brilliant blogs in the world
- A beautiful award trophy
- Tools to promote their win including:
-- Sample press release
-- Logos & Site Awards Buttons
- Chapeau Blog Awards online Gala tickets

There are ways to get your blog entered for free as well. If you’ve coined a certain phrase on your blog, you can submit it to our BlogOh!Pedia. If accepted, you’ll receive a free entry into the Chapeau Blog Awards through the month of November. Check out http://www.chapeaublogawards.com/blog/blogohpedia/ for more information on that, and contact us if you have any additional questions.