Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sunday morning musings

On Sunday mornings, if I have nothing pressing to work on at the computer I go blog surfing.

This mornings ride included a trip to a site titled

I'm not really into the whole "the stars/your number/your astrological sign" control your life thing -- I do believe we have freedom to choose, but found the description of someone born on my birthdate to be interesting:

Mar 30
Faded Rose
Pantone 18-1629


People born on this day tend to teach others through the stories they share. Whether you are singing a song, writing a play or painting a picture, you are able to convey images and emotions that can affect others. It is very important to you to stay active and communicate. Your thoughts can turn to worry if you are not expressing yourself and connecting with the world at large. Your personal color embodies love, passion and courage.

So what do you think?

I'd say the "worry wart" thing fits perfectly, I am a lot happier if I'm creating (yes, any medium works!), and I've always loved the color RED.

What color are you?


Bear Naked said...

What an interesting website.
Thanks for sharing.
I am going to see what are all my familys' colours.

Bear((( )))

Kay Dennison said...

Thanks for sharing this site! I find such things interesting.

I am Ribbon Red. They got me dead to rights. I love most shades if red and you can find it throughout my home and wardrobe. I am definitely a true Aries.