Monday, June 11, 2007

just where is Broadway going?

We watched the Tony awards last night.

I give it a mixed review.

Opened and closed by one of Broadway's Grand Dames, Angela Lansbury, I can't help but wonder what she thinks of the piece that swept up so many of the awards. I was disgusted by it....if I want to see that kind of obscene language and artless stomping around I could just go see a movie....

There were, however, some brighter parts of the show. The host of awards to The Coast of Utopia which is a 9 hour play series with some of the most AMAZING costumes I've ever seen.

And except for the scene from the big winner, the scenes from the musicals were great. I think I'd like to have a cast recording of the new Kander/Ebb production feels like good old time Broadway musical style ... and CLASS!


Kay Dennison said...

I absolutely love the old Broadway musicals & sadly, we'll never see their equal again. Is it me or has the bar dropped terribly? low class/no class seems to be the norm.

Bev said...

I quite agree on both points....and the few really good ones of late (Light in the Piazza; Curtains) don't get near the recognition I think they should....too much "Hollywood" influence in my opinion....its sad