Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hot Cat Tires?!

I subscribe to a magazine that helps me sort out the art shows that I apply to. It also includes articles about doing shows, etc., including some really funny pieces about the strange things that have been seen at shows.

The current issue arrived yesterday, and I just had to share this paragraph:

A woman stopped at my booth and was drawn to the most expensive selection of art jewelry. She turned to her friend and, commenting on a high-style piece, tried to use the French fashion phrase haute couture {ot-ku-'tur}: "Now that there one? it's the Hot Cat Tire one."

This had me ROTFLMAO!!!! I can tell you it brought to mind the way we mis-speak, especially when we are trying to show off.

How about a little horsie do over (hor d'oeuvre)? [what is it about French that always trips us up? I know, its the odd spelling...don't they know what a consonant is???]

and then at our house there is the peeled cat. This came about from my husband saying as we traveled on the highway "look, someone peeled a CAP" meaning the outside tread off of a tire (you see these along the roads all the time)....but my daughter heard it as "look, someone peeled a CAT" ...... ok, maybe this is why she has such an odd sense of humor (she couldn't have gotten it from me!) and maybe this is why she has noticed that racoons laying dead by the road don't seem to have "blown up" on collision with whatever killed them (the research continues!)

anyway, just thought I'd share those odd thoughts with y'all today


Marty: said...

My daughter was a great reader, and her vocabulary included words she didn't recognize from real life by the spelling. She always used them correctly, however. One night, when she was about eight, she commented, "Well, that was sub-tel!" We've pronounced subtle that way ever since.

Bev said...

love it Marty! Isn't it wonderful how our kids "grow" our vocabulary

beadinggalinMS said...

Hi Bev seen you over at Jason's blog. :)
My kids will not let me forget I said sandweech instead of sandwich one time when I was on muscle relaxors for my back. From then on it has been do you want a sandweech.
Seen in your profile one of your interests was beads then to come here and see 3 beautiful necklaces you have done. My sister got me into beading. I love it. Although here lately I have had no time for it.
Have a great day.

Dorothy said...

How about the ever loved...."pish poon"....I STILL can't say it right! You should see the looks I get at work for it!

Dorothy said...
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Anonymous said...

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