Tuesday, December 05, 2006

the insurance company's annual greeting

arrived today.....the health insurance company that is, and why they feel its neceassry to ruin my Christmas every year is beyond me....

This year's greeting.....the premium for the health insurance for just me is an increase of 25%!! Yeah right, like our income will keep pace with that....ha!

The sad thing about it is that basically I'll be paying the $350 a month to have the insurance just in case I fall and break my leg or something since they will not pay for my blood pressure medicine, so I'm footing the bill myself for my meds.....

I have to admit that in a way I'm looking forward to being old enough for medicare.....at least the monthly premiums will be less because I'll actually finally be part of a group

now I'll just be wondering where that extra $$ will come from every month.....{sigh} guess I have to sell more jewelry or animals or another magazine article every month


Buffy said...

I feel for you dear. I moved to Europe and got all excited about free healthcare - socialised medicine and all.

Then realised this 'free' service came at a cost of $280 dollars a month (more than what I paid in teh U.S.) taken straight from my wage in the form of a National Insurance Tax (I wasn't a citizen so the whole..'this money goes towards your pension' thing didn't apply to me. It only went toward my healthcare.) And this for a healthy 20something female.

Something's gotta give. My money's on tort reform.

Bev said...

thanks Buffy.....I appreciate the kind thoughts!

I took a quick look at your blog....nice stuff...you're right, a writer must write!