Thursday, July 13, 2006

on feeling older......

my daughter is moving into her own place this week, now this makes me feel older! I remember the first place I moved into on my own, and how excited I was to be able to do things MY way

I do sense a much different feel about my daughter's move than my own, tho'.....I couldn't wait to leave, having spent months and months battling with my parents over just about daughter really hasn't lived with us for almost 3 years...she's been out and about, finishing college, doing her own thing, but this is really her first place that she will have to really take care of....and its time

So, today I will be collecting and packing things for her that we will take to her on stuff, a bathmat or 2, bar rags (12 brand new ones!), a brand new coffee grinder (and a box of coffee), and other exciting stuff

My sister and I were talking about being the "sandwich" generation.....still caring for children to some extent and beginning to have to care for parents too.....I'll be putting my foot in it today, having decided that a phone call to one of my dad's doctors is in order to see if there is some way to get him the counseling he needs to get through all this.

Here is another prayer being seemed to me while he was in the hospital that he really enjoyed and seemed uplifted by the visits from the hospital chaplain. So, how to give him that connection again without created absolute chaos at home for him.....perhaps what I'm asking for here is a change of heart in my mom...something to consider

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