Tuesday, March 16, 2010


we've been counted

our form arrived in the mail yesterday

it took us about 10 minutes (just as advertised)

as someone who has done family history, I can tell you that this census asks for almost no information

from the questions you will have no idea 70 years from now (when it will be available to family history searchers) what we did for a living or where we were born or even if we were citizens of the USA

pretty small information for future family history

but it is important none the less

when you get yours, spend the 10 minutes, send it in (you don't even need a stamp!)

don't make the census workers have to come and knock on your door (consider that your contribution to helping the cost of taking the census a little less)

just DO IT!


Kay Dennison said...

Mine came today. It took me 5 minutes. It will go back tomorrow.

The last census, I got the long form and it took forever and yeah, I got a visit for more info. It really does make a difference.

Nancy G said...

I agree, pretty slim pickin's for genealogists; not even middle names, just initials! Got it, did it, mailing it in the morning.