Friday, February 13, 2009

Snow and Seeds

It snowed last night.

We were only supposed to get a "dusting" but it was more than that.

The last little snow wasn't enough to even shovel, but this one was.

You just can't ever tell how much snow you'll get!

The seeds arrived yesterday.

Mmmmmmmm, garden on the hoof, so to speak, and by extension, lots of good fresh veggie meals toward the end of summer and hopefully enough tomatoes to can.

The plain white packages at the right are the Burpee seeds --- all very business like and such, but the other ones are from Baker Creek, and the packages are a lot more interesting and colorful.

I ordered two more seed catalogs this week --- blame it on Martha Stewart and the show she had earlier in the week talking about gardens --- even if we don't order from them this year, they will be a good resource for next.

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