Thursday, January 15, 2009

Blogging --- am I doing it right?

Almost every day that I'm on my computer I check out a favorite blog or two (and I have a LOOOOONG list of "favorites" bookmarked -- some of you know who you are!).

Some days some of my favorites have posted, and some days not --- sort of like the way that I post (when the spirit moves me)

What puzzles me most are the ones that seem to look different every time I see them, like the writer has an unending fount of templates to use.

I'm thinking about what Marshall McLuhan said "the medium is the message"

I guess it's all about what your blog is to you. Since I think of mine as a sort of on line journal, I think that explains why the template doesn't change much --- from me it's about what I have to say (or babble about)

just sayin'


Kay Dennison said...

I know what you mean, Bev. My template is always the same and has been for ages. I like it.

As to your question in the title, I don't think there's right or wrong way to blog. I think it's whatever is comfortable for YOU.

I have two blogs: Kay's Thinking Cap is a mishmash of all sorts of things and I'm getting better at posting every day.

My How I Got to Be Me Blog is a story/journal of the adventure that's been my life and I write it when I can muster the energy or strength to revisit the events that made me who I am.

If I wanted to be popular, I'd just post groaners every day as well as the tired stuff that's been floating around email for the last 20 years that seems to proliferate here. Lately memes seem to be in vogue. Argh! I'm tired of them.

I think you are doing just fine and I always enjoy my visits to you.

Bev said...

thanks Kay --- maybe as we sit here in front of our computers and THINK we know what other people are doing, or why, we get WAY too self-critical!!