Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The triumph of the squeeky wheel

Back the end of June I posted a bit here about a very scary experience we had in our local emergency room.

As I said then, it was our intent to send off letters of complaint to the hospital, the insurance company, the compliance board, etc.

I can report that we have received (to date) three letters in response to our incident.

One from the compliance board, one from the insurance company and one from the hospital -- the latter of which indicating that as soon as the insurance company pays the rest of the claim the hospital is going to reimburse us for our $50 copay.

What I find most disturbing is that the company that the emergency room physican works for has not responded in any way -- guess that tells us what the real issue is here

I just hope our making a fuss about this will put some changes into place that will keep someone else from a similar experience

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Bear Naked said...

I would not give up on that company that the emergency room physician works for.
That doctor was wrong and could have been responsible for a disaster.
In your letter to the company did you mention that you would be seeking legal advise?
That might make them take a look at your letter a little closer.
I wouldn't give up, that doctor should not be allowed near another patient.

Bear((( )))