Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Today is our wedding anniversary.

We got a card in the mail from our daughter earlier in the week, which was cute and really sweet.

And this afternoon we'll be off setting up a booth for the art show we'll be doing tomorrow and Sunday.

No fancy dinner for us -- just working together on displaying the art jewelry we both work on.

Frankly, after the past few months, its a marvel that he hasn't "done me in" -- as I've been negotiating a roller coaster of emotional upheaval, trying hard to figure out the "now what" of being the mother of an adult child that is now married and really doesn't need my constant attention.

We're adjusting to the health concerns as well, and I'm trying to stop being so self centered as I make myself do things that are "good" for me (even when I don't want to!)

And so, we've survived another year --- and hope for the next one to be better!

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Bear Naked said...

Happy Anniversary.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend together.
I find sometimes that we enjoy the *no fancy dinner* celebration much more than the tradional fancy pancy dinner.
They seem to bring us closer together