Monday, April 07, 2008

in need of music therapy

My daughter, bless her, knows how to get to me

I mentioned here that she gave me a CD for my birthday that I had been wanting (Sarah Brightman's Symphony)

What I didn't mention was that she also gave me 2 other CDs -- one is the sound track from the new Broadway version of The Little Mermaid and the other is a sound track from Company

I realize that one of the things I miss the most about the fact that she is now an adult with a husband and a home of her own is that there is no music in our house

Having spent the last few days in a funk (because I'm really, REALLY missing the trip to California I was supposed to have made over this weekend), this morning I decided to listen to all of those new CDs again, and I think it has actually helped lift some of the dark heavy cloud


Kay Dennison said...

Music is magic for a tormented mind.

I do housework best with country music blaring. Classical helps with creative efforts and for plain old fun, that old time rock and roll, soul and blues make me smile.

How can one be depressed surrounded with wondrous sounds?

Bev said...

thank you kay!