Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mind Muddle

I hate mid winter

its so.....well ---- GRAY!

I think as soon as its warm enough for the snow to be gone things should be green

Alas, such is not the case -- {sigh!}

And of course it seems that right now I'm in that "working on a dozen things and nothing is finished" stage of getting ready for shows, which does not help

I think I need a play day, but I don't even have any ideas for what I would do on one

Really I should be spending some serious time working on the website re-write, but this year I just haven't been able to get into it

I spent some time this morning surfing around in fabric websites looking at possible stuff for the back of the quilt I'm working on right now -- I found some neat stuff that is a lovely red batik -- and added it to my wish list

(have you noticed my wish list at the side of this blog? I know, there are a lot of mundane items there, but after all a wish list should be those things that you want but won't/can't buy for yourself right now!) Mostly this list was added because my daughter asked me to give her some ideas for what I might want for my birthday/mother's day/Christmas or whatever occasion seems to call for a present. I'm happy to oblige her.

perhaps today I'll get back to that website writing......and figure out a day to do "play" activities


Bumpkin Bears said...

Hi, I just found your blog and look forward to seeing your quilt - that fabric sounds lovely :) Catherine x

Kay Dennison said...

Bev -- I share your dislike of grey days. The sun actually out today despite it being colder that you-know what but it's still far too cold. These old bones don't function well with cold.

As to a play day: Take yourself to lunch, go places you wouldn't nomally go and do things you wouldn't normally do even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone. AND don't forget to have a sinful dessert after lunch!!!!

Sometimes it's a good thing to ut "gottados" on the back burner and letter them simmer. I often find when I move them back to the front that I'm amazed at how simple the solutions are.

Also, I really appreciate your kind comment at my blog last week.
If you ever want to talk -- just email at the addy in my sidebar.

Hugssssssssss my friend!!! Now go play!!!!