Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Big Brother again? or something MORE sinister?

"The Massachusetts legislature approved a bill that would require all residents to purchase health insurance or face legal penalties, which would make this the first state to tackle the problem of incomplete medical coverage by treating patients the same way it does cars.

Gov. Mitt Romney (R) supports the proposal, which would require all uninsured adults in the state to purchase some kind of insurance policy by July 1, 2007, or face a fine.

All residents will have to provide details about their health insurance policy on their state income tax returns in 2008. Those who do not have insurance would first lose their personal state tax exemption, perhaps worth $150, and later face penalties equal to half the cost of the cheapest policy they should have bought. That might work out to $1,200 per year, officials said."

[source of the quote is an article dated April 4, 2006, in The Washington Post, this link will take you there for the full article.]

So, this seems to be the latest direction our great "Christian" nation is taking.

Let us review -- even if you are poor you still MUST buy health insurance or the state is going to fine you like what happens when you have a car and don't have insurance.

Ok, when you don't insure your car after a while they take away your driver's license -- so what will the end result be here -- they'll take away your license to live? Not having decent health care already does that.

As with everything else, health care is only about the "bottom line" for insurance companies, for doctors, for hospitals. Its the great capitalist system.

and its killing us

[PS: its also why I will NEVER vote for Romney]

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Kay Dennison said...

I think you have this exactly right! If I bought health insurance, I would starve to death so what good would it do me?