Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Yes folks, that's my foot.

Don't you love the delightful blue at the base of each toe?

And then there is the puffy little knot just below the second toe.

mmmmm, note to self: do NOT set the leg of a heavy antique dining room chair down on a bare foot....it hurts!

Ok, so right now I'm really glad that my daugher's wedding (on Saturday --- THIS Saturday!) is not of the very formal kind that requires me to wear heels.....my lovely new white Crocs will be just fine, thank you.


Kay Dennison said...

Oh my!!!!!!! You poor thang! Keep it iced!

Bev said...

thanks Kay! Yup, between putting together wedding cakes, I'm icing...(the foot that is, although there is icing of another sort involved in the cake thing!)